Digong as China’s protectee


THE President does not want the US and other countries, agencies and individuals to interfere with his anti-poor drug war.

China, not known for human rights, doesn’t so interfere but is busy building fortifications in the disputed seas west of the Philippines. Indeed, Digong appears to be China’s “protectee” while the country has been reduced to a “protectorate” of it, to be defended by it, from the US, etc., but not from itself.

Digong may be remembered as the President who minimized, or gave away, our 2016 arbitral win, with its sorry consequences. Smart, he may think, taking the long view?

We may have been a smart people for centuries, under Spain, Britain, America and the Japanese. Our ancestors and we can be like that French priest, Abbe Sieyes. who, when asked what he did during the Reign of Terror, said: “I survived.” Survival seems key to the Prez.