DND: West PHL Sea video to instill nationalism in defense of sovereignty


Beijing may find Manila’s video production on the West Philippine Sea offensive, but the Philippine Defense Department sees the documentary as a tool to instill nationalism among Filipinos and to raise their awareness of the issues surrounding disputed marine areas now under the shadow of China’s ambitious ownership claim.

Commenting on the video aired last Friday on Philippine government-run television channel, Armed Forces spokesperson Brig. Gen. Joselito Kakilala said in text message sent to GMA News Online on Saturday, “[The documentary] is a good initiative to raise awareness about our territorial claims… Our countrymen must realize the importance of the WPS territories.”

Meanwhile, Department of National Defense spokesperson Peter Paul Galvez also said in a text message that, though he has yet to watch the film, he has heard about it.

“We believe the important thing for us today is for every Filipino to know more about our beloved country and the issues that we face,” he said.

Also he said, “As the country’s defense sector we continue to work hand in hand with our countrymen in resolving security issues and defending our sovereignty.”

Aired by state-run PTV 4, the documentary appears designed to foster nationalism among Filipinos and drive home the urgency of the importance of defending its off-shore territories in the waters wholly claimed by China.

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