Ex-Navy chief prods US to act on sea row


A retired Philippine Navy admiral has asked the United States to be more resolute in preventing China’s continued aggressive action in the West Philippine Sea and called on the international community to fight off illegal actions in the already tense-environment in the Asean region.

Speaking at the Center for American Security Forum at the Willard Hotel in Washington D.C., retired Vice Admiral Alexander Pama blasted the US for sending mixed signals to its allies on its policy toward China’s violative behavior over Philippine-held territories.

“The US traditionally looked upon as the player that can have the most significant influence on the dynamics in the SCS, seems to be sending mixed signals with its pronouncements and actions resulting in an image, rightly or wrongly, of being equivocal and irresolute,” Pama said.

“The seeming lack of a clear, perceivable and credible position and action on the part of the US and other major international players makes China’s assertive actions effective and undoubtedly boost the pursuit of her interest,” Pama stressed.

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