Experts warn vs PH ceding Scarborough to China, isolating nation


Maritime and law experts on Monday warned the Philippine government against unwittingly ceding Scarborough Shoal to China and isolating itself by pushing away allies like the United States.

Dr. Jay Batongbacal, director of the University of the Philippines (UP) Institute of Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea (IMLOS), told reporters that the Philippines should not be satisfied with “being able to fish in Scarborough while the Chinese coastguard are there always.”

Captain Raul Pedrozo, deputy general consul of an agency within the US Department of Defense, said the China will be able to “complete the triangle of military control in South China Sea” if it is gains full control of Scarborough Shoal, in addition to the Woody Island and Spratly Islands.

“It is important that the Philippines stands its ground and not allow Scarborough shoal to be yet another artificial island of China,” Pedrozo said during his presentation.