Future of South China Sea disputes depends on Washington, says China’s legislature spokeswoman


The future of the longstanding South China Sea disputes will largely depend on Washington, Beijing says, and it is ready to deal with any challenges US President Donald Trump may pose to the relations between the countries.

Speaking on the eve of the opening of the annual session of the National People’s Congress, Fu Ying, the spokeswoman for China’s top legislature, also sought to dismiss concerns that China aims to challenge the US-led international order and supplant Washington as the world’s top superpower.

Her remarks came after US military officers pledged to continue to send warships to patrol the disputed waters in a bid to reassure Washington’s Asian allies.

“The overall situation in the South China Sea tends to have improved at the moment and where it is heading will be decided by the US intent [because] American activities in the sea serve as a signpost to some extent,” Fu said.