‘Gas in WPS can energize entire PH’


The natural gas resources on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) are so vast that the fuel there can energize the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao grids for at least 20 years, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers’ Association (LPG-MA) said on Sunday.

“This is one of the compelling reasons why we have to secure our 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone and its contiguous area, including the seabed of the continental shelf up to 350 miles from the national coastal baseline. We have to defend the zone against China and other foreign threats,” LPGMA Rep. Arnel Ty, who is also the House Deputy Minority Leader, said.

“In fact, we should invest in new warships, including frigates, missile gunboats and fast attack crafts, for deployment to the zone. We should build a strong naval base in northwest Palawan,” Ty, speaking for the minority bloc in the House energy committee, added.

The country’s territory in the WPS is believe to have a number of Malampaya-like natural gas fields, the lawmaker said.

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