Heat on China in the Indian Ocean: As France comes calling, why is India the focal point for global powers?

NEW DELHI: Another global power, this time France, is looking to set the ball rolling on increasing its cooperation with New Delhi in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). This will be a key area of focus at two upcoming high-level exchanges between France and India set close to each other. The aim undoubtedly is to cut China down to size.
Cooperation in the Indian Ocean will figure prominently in the New Delhi visit of French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, which is set to begin on Friday. French Ambassador to India Alexandre Ziegler said today the matter would also occupy a key spot in discussions when French President Emmanuel Macron visits India in early 2018.
Priority to New Delhi-Paris understanding
Ziegler said the focus would be on building up a bilateral security framework between India and France, before Paris can agree to take part in a multilateral forum on security in the Indian Ocean.