Indonesian government asked to keep intensive communications on South China Sea


Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Deputy chairman of the Commission I of the House of Parliament Hanafi Rais asks the government to maintain intensive communications with other ASEAN countries on developments in South China Sea.

“Indonesia has to protect its sovereignty over its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in South China Sea and for that purpose intensive communications is necessary with neighboring countries having territorial disputes with China,” Hanafi said here on Tuesday.

Communications with other ASEAN member countries are necessary to prevent misinterpretation that the plan to build military base in Natuna was a militarization move threatening neighboring countries, he said.

The plan is a form of measured move against the threat of China on the Indonesian EEZ territory, he said.

China has said its has maritime dispute with Indonesia in South China Sea.

Hanafi said ASEAN must not be split by Chinese strategy in South China Sea.