Why Justice Carpio wants China to read his e-book


Through his new e-book on the South China Sea dispute, Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio hopes to convince the Chinese that China’s 9-dash line is baseless

MANILA, Philippines – For more than 5 years, Supreme Court (SC) Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has lectured before mostly Filipino students and academics to debunk China’s claim over the disputed South China Sea.

More than 140 lectures and speeches later, Carpio published an e-book hoping his words can influence a most critical audience: the Chinese people themselves.

Carpio on Thursday, May 4, launched his e-book, The South China Sea Dispute: Philippine Sovereign Rights and Jurisdiction in the West Philippine Sea.

The 264-page e-book can be downloaded for free from the following websites:

Institute for Maritime and Ocean Affairs website
Murillo Velarde Map website
In a speech at his book launch on Thursday, Carpio said his e-book has 3 objectives.

First, he wants to inform Filipinos about the riches they own in the West Philippine Sea, the part of the South China Sea being claimed by the Philippines.

Once Filipinos understand this, they “will never allow” any administration “to give away or compromise these maritime areas or resources.”