Muted Asean response to China’s ADIZ


CHINA’S unilateral declaration of an air defence identification zone (ADIZ) over the East China Sea has ruffled the feathers of Japan, the United States, South Korea and Australia. They have all criticised or registered their displeasure at the move, which is widely viewed as stoking the embers of an unsettled East Asia.

The way in which the ADIZ was declared by Beijing has caused countries in the region to be more uneasy with China.

The announcement of the ADIZ was made without any prior consultation with neighbours or the US.

This confirms the willingness and capacity of the Chinese to act independently and unilaterally to advance their own interests, particularly in their frontyard.

Southeast Asian analysts were interested to know if China would establish similar ADIZs in the South China Sea. Anticipating their question, a Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman, Yang Yujun, said that “China will establish other Air Defence Identification Zones at the right moment after necessary preparations are completed”.

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