‘No force can ever shake China!’ Xi in chilling warning to US after doomsday nuke reveal



CHINA President Xi Jinping has unveiled a colossal weapons arsenal as Beijing celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, but he also sent a chilling warning to the US as a trade war orchestrated by US President Donald Trump continues and disputes over the South China Sea rumble on.

Dressed in a slate grey ‘Mao’ suit, Xi lauded China’s military and asserted that nobody will stop Beijing from achieving its global and political goals. In what could be seen as a statement of intent to potential rivals, he said: “The military should resolutely safeguard China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests, and firmly uphold world peace. “No force can ever shake the status of China, or stop the Chinese people and nation from marching forward.” The defiant speech was received by a handpicked crowd at Tiananmen Square as the President addressed the nation via state television.

These words were backed up by a display of hefty military strength as Beijing observed the biggest military parade in China’s history.

It was reported that 15,000 soldiers would march while the The Ministry of National Defence claimed that 59 different elements of the armed forces would be present, on top of the 580 pieces of military equipment rolling through the streets and 160 aircraft flying overhead.

The most threatening and anticipated weapon to be unveiled was the latest road-mobile DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile.

It forms the backbone of China’s nuclear deterrence, which can carry several nuclear warheads and reach as far as the US in just 30 minutes according to reports.

An aircraft unveiled in Beijing on Tuesday (Image: reuters)
Nozomu Yoshitomi, professor at Japan’s Nihon University and a retired major general of Japan’s Ground Self-Defence Force said: “They have highly advanced capabilities and the range to reach the US from mainland China.”

China is currently flexing its muscle in the South China Sea, controversially claiming waters and sending ships into Vietnamese and Filipino territory, violating international law in the process.

The US has also established prominence in the region, attempting to scupper China’s relentless trade influence across Asia and the rest of the world.

No other world leaders were invited to the flamboyant parade, which has been overshadowed partly by unrest in Hong Kong where anti-Chinese government protests rumble on.

Hong Kongers have been protesting for months over a controversial extradition bill which would have seen citizens in the region able to stand trial in mainland China, therefore infringing on its right to an independent judiciary.

Xi reaffirmed a desire to bring the autonomous city closer to the regressive mainland.

He said that China must maintain lasting prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao, promote the peaceful development of relations with self-ruled Taiwan and “continue to strive for the motherland’s complete reunification”.

The Chinese President has attempted to undermine Hong Kong’s sovereignty since he assumed power in March 2013.

Beijing has tried to control candidates entering Hong Kong elections, as well as attempting to restrict the distribution of books and other material critical of Xi in the city.

With military ambitions only growing in Beijing, the US, Hong Kong and South China Sea neighbours will be looking on with concern.