‘NUCLEAR TRIAD’ – US-China relations at breaking point amid fears of Beijing dominance



THE US has become fearful of China’s quest to be the dominant global force amid the country’s development of a “nuclear triad”, according to a new Pentagon report.

The Pentagon has insisted Beijing is close to completing an elite cohort of being able to deliver a nuclear strike by land, sea and air. In a recent report from the Pentagon to Congress, intelligence experts warned of China’s quest to become “the preeminent power in the Indo-Pacific region”. If Beijing were to complete their nuclear ‘triad’, it would make them only the fourth country to do so along with the US, Russia and India.

The Office of the US Secretary of Defence warned: “China continues to improve its ground and submarine-based nuclear capability and is pursuing a viable nuclear ‘triad’ with the development of a nuclear capable air-launched ballistic missile.”

The report also noted how China had capitalised on a “period of strategic opportunity” during the initial two decades of the 21st century in order to expand its presence abroad.

In a bold warning to US officials the Pentagon argued China will soon realise that it has a “world-class” military in its hands.

Tensions between the two countries have remained incredibly tense recently as the two powers have been locked in a trade war.