Pangan: Alarming and scary


THE creeping expansion of China into our so-called territory may cause extreme alarm to the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines.

Their apprehension may escalate, depending on the speed the present administration dispenses favors to China and any other foreign country.

His (President Duterte) recent pronouncements do not augur well for the country: asserting PH sovereignty will mean trouble and that the Philippines does not have the military muscle to assert its sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea.

What?? Does this mean the President who posed as a strongman with dirty mouth would surrender our territories and sovereignty without a fight? Nasaan ang kanyang yabang at tapang? O, come on, Mr. President! We can file several strongly-worded diplomatic protests. And as a lawyer and former prosecutor you know damn well the actuations of China are not right under our laws and that of international laws and conventions.

Surrender the Philippines, the President would like it to be.

Aaagh! Ouch!!

It is time now for the critics and detractors of President Duterte to put him to task, that is, oppose all what China does in the disputed West Phillppine Sea.

China, as always, is active and proactive and has in fact built permanent structures on the islands it stole from us and continues to put bombers and missiles on the installations.

The Philippines like a helpless, orphaned child, just watched idly by and obviously cannot do anything except cry vainly!