PH won’t send Navy to Scarborough shoal


MANILA – The water cannon incident at Scarborough Shoal won’t merit any military response since the goal of the Philippines is to resolve the sea dispute in a peaceful manner, an official of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said.

In a press conference, AFP Spokesman Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala said: “We have to always think about not escalating the already volatile situation in the area. The use of water cannon towards Filipino citizens is a concern that merits further discussions…That’s why it‘s very important that there is a Code of Conduct that must be agreed upon by all claimants.”

He said armed confrontation should, at all times, be avoided.

He said sending the Philippine Navy there at this time may even give a wrong impression.

He said security forces are doing their job to protect the fishermen. “We will do so [protect our people], but the act must be carefully thought of because the situation in the area really is volatile.”

Zagala said the military will do its mandate “when the time comes”, but any plans at this point will be speculative.

The AFP is encouraging the fishermen to continue with their normal lives amid the January 27 incident, he said.


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