Philippines runs crying to the UN like a big baby: China state media


The Philippines has been acting like a crying baby by seeking international arbitration over its territorial spats with China in the South China Sea. It may get fondness, but will not help settle the disputes.

Despite strong objection from Beijing, Manila unilaterally initiated and has been pushing forward with the arbitral proceeding since January 2013.

Some blindfolded have questioned China for not accepting or participating in the arbitration, while some ill-intentioned, who have made one-sided and misleading readings of international rules, accused China of not abiding by international law.

To clear up the confusion, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued on Sunday a position paper, elaborating on the legal basis for China’s position that the arbitral tribunal manifestly has no jurisdiction in this case and demonstrating that China’s position not to accept or participate in the proceedings stands on solid ground in international law.


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