Philippines tells China at UN assembly: Stop coercion and intimidation


The Philippines told China to stop “coercion and intimidation” in the South China Sea during an exchange of responses at the 70th UN General Assembly (UNGA).

 “Join the deliberations of the artibral tribunal and to let the merits be decided upon on the basis of international law and with transparency rather than by recourse to coercion and intimidation,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario told his Chinese counterpart at the UN General Assembly held last October 2.


The Department of Foreign Affairs said that Del Rosario reiterated at the assembly that the decision of the arbitral tribunal would end the sea disputes.


“With the growing support from the international community in peacefully resolving disputes in the South China Sea, including through arbitration, the Philippines believes that the final outcome of this arbitration process would pave the way for a settlement of the maritime disputes,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. del Rosario said in his address to the UNGA.

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