Philippines and US preparing for extreme situations in South China Sea


Stars and Stripes newspaper reported that the U.S.  Website July 2 reported that about 1,500 U.S. and Philippine Navy and the Marines, the 1st lasted five days of the end of the exercise, including the South China Sea drills, simulated storm beaches and other training aimed at strengthening collaboration armies.

Guided missile destroyer ‘John McCain’ rescue ship ‘sentinel’ No, amphibious landing ship ‘Ashland’ sign and the 1000 U.S. soldiers participated in the exercise.

‘Readiness and training cooperation,’ military exercise has entered its 20th year, is one of the elements of the U.S. Navy and a series of exchange activities nine Asian countries(http://www(News News Responsible for participating destroyer squadron commander of the U.S. Seventh Paul 施利斯 ship Long said the exercises have been expanding, complexity is growing.

During the exercise, the U.S. Navy and Marines and about 500 Filipino soldiers and Philippine Navy warships launched a simulated naval operations.


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