Phl, Japan lawmakers call for rule of law in sea disputes


MANILA, Philippines – Filipino and Japanese lawmakers signed yesterday a Joint Document for Cooperation on Promotion of the Rule of Law at Sea.

Hiroshi Nakada led Japanese lawmakers in signing the document.

The document reaffirmed the two countries’ valuable partnership and sharing of common values like freedom, democracy and respect for basic human rights, as well as their common goals to resolve the maritime dispute with China peacefully.

Nakada said the document seeks to bring together lawmakers from both the Philippines and Japan to promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

“Both are democratic states (and) we believe (as) parliamentarians, the legislatures have a role to play to discuss issues among themselves and make recommendations to their respective governments so this conflict can be resolved under international auspices. What’s important is we achieve peace in the seas in the world,” he said.

The document provides that states must make and clarify their claims based on international law; states must not use force or coercion in pursuing their claims and must seek to settle disputes by peaceful means and avoid any unilateral attempts to change the status quo through force or coercion.


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