‘Pro-American’ Pinoys still have to get used to Duterte’s ‘independent foreign policy’ —Panelo


Malacanang said it was not surprised with the results of a recent Pulse Asia survey showing most Filipinos believe that the Philippines cannot trust Russia and China.

The June 24-30, 2019 survey also revealed that there was a predominant sentiment toward Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

“As we previously said regarding similar survey results conducted in the past, we are not surprised — neither are we bothered — by the outcome, considering that it has only been three years since the Duterte Administration has chartered an independent foreign policy course for the Philippines,” presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said.

He added, “While we are not forcing any preference to the mentality of our people, we understand that it entails a lot of information dissemination for Filipinos, who have been pro-American for more than a hundred years, to appreciate the current government’s foreign diplomacy approach, that is ‘friends to all, and enemies to none,’ which has reaped economic benefits to the country.”

A separate survey conducted on the same period by the pollster showed around four in 10 Filipinos want punishment for crew members of the Chinese vessel that hit and allegedly abandoned a Filipino fishing boat in Recto Bank on June 9.

Panelo said the administration shares the public opinion that China should sanction the crew members of the involved vessel which carried its flag.

“This position has never wavered, contrary to the false narratives made by the President’s most vocal critics and detractors who have been busy stoking anti-China views with the sole aim of discrediting the diplomatic strategy of the President — to no avail,” he said. —LDF, GMA News