Republic Act No. 3046 (as amended by RA 5446)



WHEREAS, the Constitution of the Philippines describes the national territory as comprising all the territory ceded to the United States by the Treaty of Paris concluded between the United States and Spain on December 10, 1898, the limits of which are set forth in Article III of said treaty, together with all the islands embraced in the treaty concluded at Washington, between the United States and Spain on November 7, 1900, and in the treaty concluded between the United States and Great Britain on January 2, 1930, and all the territory over which the Government of the Philippine Islands exercised jurisdiction at the time of the adoption of the Constitution;

WHEREAS, all the waters within the limits set forth in the above-mentioned treaties have always been regarded as part of the territory of the Philippine Islands;

WHEREAS, all the waters around, between and connecting the various islands of the Philippines archipelago, irrespective of their width or dimension, have always been considered as necessary appurtenances of the land territory, forming part of the inland or internal waters of the Philippines;

WHEREAS, all the waters beyond the outermost islands of the archipelago but within the limits of the boundaries set forth in the aforementioned treaties comprise the territorial sea of the Philippines;

WHEREAS, the baselines from which the territorial sea of the Philippines is determined consist of straight lines joining appropriate points of the outermost islands of the archipelago; and

WHEREAS, the said baselines should be clarified and specifically defined and described for the information of all concerned; Now, therefor,

Section 1. The baselines for the territorial sea of the Philippines are hereby defined and described specifically as follows:

N. Latitude E. Longitude Asimuth Distance in Meters
Y’ami Island (E)
Line 1 (Yami I. (E.) — Tumaruk Rk.)
21º07’03” 121º57’24” 353º27′ 71,656
Tumaruk Rk.
Line 2 (Tumaruk Rk. — Balintang Is.)
20º28’28” 122º02’06” 347º13′ 58,105
Balintang Island
Line 3 (Balingtang Is.— Didicas Rk.)
19º57’45” 122º09’28” 375º05′ 97,755
Didicas Rk.
Line 4 (Didicas Rk. – Iligan Pt.)
19º04’50” 122º12’18” 350º39′ 86,155
Iligan Pt.
Line 5 (Iligan Pt. – Ditolong Pt.)
18º18’45” 122º20’15” 351º23′ 136,030
Ditolong Pt.
Line 6 (Ditolong Pt. – Diviuisa Pt.)
17º05’50” 122º31’44” 16º56′ 34,378
Diviuisa Pt.
Line 7 (Diviuisa Pt. – Dijohan Pt.)
16º48’00” 122º26’06” 21º01′ 57,781
Dijohan Pt.
Line 7a (Dijohan Pt. – Bulubalik Pt.)
16º18’45” 122º14’28” 10º52′ 142,360
Bulubalik Pt.
Line 8 (Bulubalik Pt. – Tinaga I.)
15º02’56” 121º59’30” 300º15′ 120,986
Tinaga I.
Line 9 (Tinaga I. – Horadaba Rks.)
14º29’45” 122º57’40” 286º27′ 148,690
Horadaba Rks.
Line 10 (Horadaba Rks. — Matulin Rk.)
14º06’41” 124º16’54” 306º34′ 1,083
Matulin Rk.
Line 11 (Matulin Rk. – Atalaya Pt.)
14º06’20” 124º17’23” 331º46′ 178,480
Atalaya Pt.
Line 11a (Atalaya Pt. – Finch Rk.)
12º40’59” 125º04’02” 313º30′ 22,268
Finch Rk.
Line 12 (Finch Rk. – SE of Manjud Pt.)
12º32’40” 125º12’57” 313º56′ 12,665
SE Manjud pt.
Line 12a (SE of Manjud Pt. – Sora Cay)
12º27’54” 125º17’59” 322º27′ 14,225
Sora Cay
Line 13 (Sora Cay – Bunga Pt.)
12º21’47” 125º22’46” 321º03′ 22,793
Bunga Pt.
Line 13a (Bunga Pt. – Tubabao I.)
12º12’10” 125º30’40” 331º50′ 12,686
Tubabao I.
Line 14 (Tubabao I. – Tugnug Pt.)
23º06’06” 125º33’58” 355º22′ 83,235
Tugnug Pt.
Line 15 (Tugnug Pt. – Suluan I.)
11º21’06” 125º37’40” 331º03′ 75,326
Suluan Island
Line 16 (Suluan I. – Tuason Pt.)
10º45’20” 125º57’40” 347º51′ 107,070
Tuason Pt.
Line 17 (Tuason Pt. – Cauit Pt.)
9º48’33” 126º10’00” 355º25′ 55,415
Cauit Pt.
Line 18 (Cauit Pt. Arangasa Is.)
9º18’35” 126º12’25” 342º44′ 49,703
Arangasa Is.
Line 19 Arangasa Is. – Quinablangan I.)
8º52’50” 126º20’28” 348º40′ 131,330
Quinablangan I.
Line 19a (Quinablangan I. – Above Languyan R.)
7º42’58” 126º34’30” 353º08′ 25,619
Above Languyan R.
Line 20 (Above Languyan R. — Pusan Pt.)
7º29’10” 126º36’10” 356º52′ 22,489
Pusan Pt.
Line 21 (Pusan Pt. – Tuguban Pt.)
7º16’59” 126º36’50” 26º39′ 36,259
Tuguban Pt.
Line 22 (Tuguban Pt. – Cape S. Agustin N.)
6º59’24” 126º28’00” 20º33′ 83,350
Cape San Agustin (N)
Line 22a (Cape S. Agustin (N) — Cape San Agustin (S)
6º17’03” 126º12’08” 30º16′ 1,707
Cape San Agustin (S)
Line 23 (Cape S. Agustin (S) — Panguil Bato Pt.)
6º16’15” 126º11’40” 39º23′ 125,100
Panguil Bato Pt.
Line 23a (Panguil Bato Pt. – Tapundo Pt.)
5º23’45” 125º28’42” 66º32′ 7,484
Tapudo Pt.
Line 24 (Tapundo Pt. – Manamil I.)
5º22’08” 125º24’59” 89º19′ 7,667
Manamil I.
Line 24a (Manamil I. – Balut I. (W)
5º22’05” 125º20’50” 139º01′ 3,051
Balut I. (W)
Line 25 (Balut I. (W) – Middle of 3 Rk. Awash)
5º23’20” 125º19’45” 124º47′ 149,840
Middle of 3 Rk. Awash
Line 26 (Middle of 3 Rk. Awash — Tongquil I.)
6º09’39” 124º13’02” 86º18′ 259,400
Tongquil I.
Line 27 (Tongquil I. – Sumbasumba I.)
6º00’15” 121º52’45” 61º29′ 115,950
Sumbasumba I.
Line 28 (Sumbasumba I. – Kinapusan Is.)
5º30’10” 120º57’35” 43º19′ 44,445
Kinapusan Is.
Line 29 (Kinapusan Is. – Manuk Manka I.)
5º12’37” 120º41’05” 63º14′ 101,290
Manuk Manka I.
Line 30 (Manuk Manka I. – Frances Reef)
4º47’50” 119º52’10” 58º30′ 80,847
Frances Reef
Line 31 (Frances Reef – Bajapa Reef)
4º24’54” 119º14’54” 134º34′ 29,330
Bajapa Reef
Line 32 (Bajapa Reef) – Panguan I.)
4º36’04” 119º03’36” 164º05′ 13,480
Panguan I.
Line 33 (Panguan I. – Omapoy I.)
4º43’06” 119º01’36” 238º48′ 42,470
Omapoy I.
Line 34 (Omapoy I. – Sanga-Sanga I.)
4º55’02” 119º21’15” 246º11′ 51,005
Sanga-Sanga I.
Line 35 (Sanga-Sanga I. – Pearl Bank)
5º06’12” 119º46’30” 170º05′ 80,200
Pearl Bank
Line 36 (Pearl Bank – Baguan I.)
5º49’04” 119º39’01” 103º13′ 137,050
Baguan I
Line 36a (Banguan I. – Taganak I.)
6º06’00” 118º26’42” 76º52′ 15,535
Taganak I.
Line 37 (Taganak I. – Gt. Bakkungaan O
6º04’05” 118º18’30” 118º39′ 24,805
Gt. Bakkungaan
Line 37a (Gt. Bakkungaan – Sibaung I.)
6º10’32” 118º06’42” 136º04′ 18,470
Sibaung I.
Line 38 (Sibaung – I. Muligi I.
6º17’45” 117º59’45” 215º36′ 79,915
Mulugi I.
Line 39 (Mulugi I. – Mangsee Is.)
6º53’00” 118º25’00” 119º14′ 140,541
Mangsee Is.
Line 39a (Mangsee Is. – Cape Melville)
7º30’10” 117º18’20” 134º50 48,815
Cape Melville
Line 40 (Cape Melville – Ligas Pt.)
7º48’50” 116º59’30” 153º54′ 15,665
Ligas Pt.
Line 41 (Ligas Pt. – Cay)
7º56’28” 116º55’45” 170º40′ 5,666
Line 41a (Cay-Secam I.)
7º59’30” 116º55’15” 204º52′ 22,925
Secam I.
Line 42 (Secam I. – N. of Canipan Bay)
8º10’47” 117º00’30” 209º09′ 54,900
N. of Canipan Bay
Line 43 (N. of Canipan Bay — Tatub Pt.)
8º36’50” 117º15’06” 218º57′ 18,570
Tatub Pt.
Line 44 (Tatub Pt. – Punta Baja)
8º44’40” 117º21’28” 222º04′ 45,125
Punta Baja
Line 45 (Punta Baja – Malapackun I.)
9º02’50” 117º37’58” 223º30′ 32,194
Malapackun I.
Line 46 (Malapackun I. – Piedras Pt.)
9º15’30” 117º50’04” 225º50′ 148,260
Piedras Pt.
Line 47 (Piedras Pt. – Tapuitan I.)
10º11’28” 118º48’18” 203º19′ 124,900
Tapuitan I.
Line 48 (Tapuitan I. – Pinnacle Rk.)
11º13’40” 119º15’28” 208º47′ 136,590
Pincle Rk.
Line 49 (Pinnacle Rk. – Cape Calavite
12º18’34” 119º51’45” 200º40′ 134,230
Cape Calavite
Line 50 (Cape Calavite – Cabra I.)
13º26’40” 120º18’00” 148º12′ 58,235
Cabra I.
Line 51 (Cabra I. – Capones Is.)
13º53’30” 120º00’58” 179º26′ 113,400
Capones Is.
Line 52 (Capones Is. – Pa-Lauig Pt.)
14º55’00” 120º00’20” 168º09′ 58,100
Palauig Pt.
Line 53 (Palauig. – Hermana Mayor I.)
15º25’50” 119º53’40” 164º17′ 40,870
Hermana Mayor I.
Line 53a (Hermana Mayor — Tambobo Pt.)
15º47’10” 119º47’28” 167º10′ 20,490
Tambobo Pt.
Line 54 (Tambobo Pt. – Rena Pt.)
15º58’00” 119º44’55” 181º43′ 22,910
Rena Pt.
Line 54a (Rena Pt. – Cape Bolinao
16º10’25” 119º45’18” 191º39′ 18,675
Cape Bolinao
Line 55 (Cape Bolinao – Darigayos Pt.)
16º20’20” 119º47’25” 226º20′ 80,016
Darigayos Pt.
Line 56 (Darigayos Pt. – Dile Pt.)
16º50’15” 120º20’00” 179º58′ 81,616
Dile Pt.
Line 56a (Disle Pt. – Pinget I.)
17º34’30” 120º19’58” 188º27′ 12,060
Pinget I.
Line 56b (Pinget I. – Badoc I.)
17º40’58” 120º20’58” 192º46′ 27,170
Badoc I.
Line 57 (Badoc I. – Cape Bojeador)
17º55’20” 120º24’22” 195º03′ 65,270
Cape Bojeador
Line 58 (Cape Bojeador – Dalupiri I.)
18º29’30” 120º34’00” 222º16′ 101,740
Dalupiri I.
Line 59 (Dalupiri I. – Catanapan Pt.)
19º10’15” 121º13’02” 213º29′ 25,075
Catanapan Pt.
Line 60 (Catanapan Pt. – Dequey I.)
19º21’35” 121º20’56” 202º27′ 116,870
Dequey I.
Line 61 (Dequey I. – Raile)
29º20’06” 121º46’35” 180º47′ 42,255
Line 62 (Raile – Y’ami I. (W)
20º43’00” 121º46’55” 200º30′ 48,140
Y’ami I.(W)
Line 63 (Y’ami I. (W) – Y’ami I. (M)
21º07’26” 121º56’39” 238º40′ 237
Y’ami I. (M)
Line 64 (Y’ami I.(M) – Y’ami I. (E)
21º07’30” 121º56’46” 307º08′ 1,376
Y’ami I. (E) 21º07’03” 121º57’24”


Section 2. All waters within the baselines provided for in Section one hereof are considered inland or internal waters of the Philippines.

Section 3. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: June 17, 1961.