Revealed: How China’s military overpowers the US amid South China sea disputes



CHINA flexed its military might on Tuesday, unveiling a series of highly sophisticated and deadly weapons on the streets of Beijing.

A reported 15,000 soldiers marched while The Ministry of National Defence claimed that 59 different elements of the armed forces would be present, on top of the 580 pieces of military equipment rolling through the streets and 160 aircraft flying overhead. This made the parade the biggest in China’s history as the country celebrated the 70th anniversary of the formation of the People’s Republic. The most threatening and anticipated weapon to be unveiled was the latest road-mobile DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile. It forms the backbone of China’s nuclear deterrence, which can carry several nuclear warheads and reach as far as the US in just 30 minutes according to reports.

The flaunting of military prowess will also serve as a warning to rival superpower the US, with the countries embroiled in numerous disputes across the world.

One example is Venezuela, where President Xi Jinping has backed the dictator Nicolas Maduro while Donald Trump attempts to oust him.

There is also tension in the South China Sea as the US looks to limit Beijing’s claims to various waters with the help of Australia and other allies in the region.

The two countries are also in an ongoing trade war with rising tariffs and increased trade barriers harming the economy on both sides.
Domestically, China also has big issues as Hong Kong protests and anti-government frustrations escalate.

A protestor was reportedly shot today by police, leading to silence in the city.

With the US and China coming to blows in a diplomatic sense, stats via Global Fire Power reveal who has the military upper hand.

Unsurprising due to its population, China dominates the US in terms of active personnel, with just under 2.7 million soldiers to the US’ 1.3 million.

China also boasts more firepower on the ground with over double the amount of combat tanks – 13,398 to the US’ 6287.

As for the seas, China is once more armed nearly two times over up against the US with 714 naval assets to Washington’s 415.

Washington claws some ground back in the air, though. The US possesses 13,398 aircraft vehicles in comparison to Beijing’s 3,187.

Finally, in terms of oil reserves, the US comes out on top with over 36 billion barrels to China’s 25 billion barrels.

China’s nautical dominance could prove crucial as Beijing looks to assert control in the South China Sea, despite additional resistance from neighbours such as Vietnam and the Philippines.