San Francisco rally – ‘Destroy China military bases,’ ‘UN ruling against China invasion now’


SAN FRANCISCO, California — Shouting “China out now!”, Filipino Americans in the Bay Area on July 24 joined their counterparts in other part of the United States and other capital cities in the world in denouncing what they called the invasion of the Philippines by China.

Carrying inverted Philippine flags, the San Francisco contingent marched to and around the United Nations Plaza with placards, condemning China for its alleged “bullying” tactics in dealing with the Scarborough Shoal conflict.

At a program detailing continued “harassments” against Philippine sovereignty, speakers denounced the Chinese government’s incursions in the disputed territory.

“We march with our Philippine flag with the red color on top as the Philippine is in distress because China is building a military base on Mabini reef with a mile-long air strip and a Marina for their ships to dock,” Rodel Rodis, President of US Pinoys for Good Governance (USPGG) told protesters.