South China Sea: Beijing preparing to INVADE Taiwan, says US intelligence


CHINA is preparing to invade Taiwan after increasing its military power in the South China Sea, according to the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Tensions erupted between the two countries after both laid claims in the disputed seas. The bitter rivalry has seen Taiwan accusing Beijing of infiltrating the island and attempting to gain influence. China’s navy has recently expanded from two to six brigades while Taiwan’s 2028 defence budget was 14.5 less than China’s.

The DIA’s 2019 report to Congress on Chinese military power has said China will compel Taiwan to abandon independence and join forces with the mainland.

The report said: “The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) continues to prepare for contingencies in the Taiwan Strait to deter, and if necessary, compel Taiwan to abandon moves toward independence.

“The PLA also is likely preparing for a contingency to unify Taiwan with the mainland by force, while simultaneously deterring, delaying, or denying any third-party intervention on Taiwan’s behalf.”

“The PLA is capable of accomplishing various amphibious operations short of a full-scale invasion of Taiwan.