South China Sea bombshell: Philippines in crisis over presence of fleet of warships


THE Philippines has spoken of its fear following the citing of five Chinese warships in its waters.

Tensions between the two countries have risen lately with Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte confirming that he will confront Beijing over its territorial dominance next month. In an added escalation to the tensions between the two states, the Philippine Government has expressed concern over the passage of Chinese warships. The military has spoken of five Chinese warships that were seen passing through a strait in the southern Philippines.

South China Sea: Beijing on collision course with US
Presidential spokesman, Salvador Panelo said: “We express concern with that kind of incident because they China keep on saying that we’re friends.

“I don’t think that this is an act of friendship.”

Recently, Mr Duterte had been accused of allowing concession to China.

Controversially, he has allowed Chinese ships into the Reed Bank.

Moreover, Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo has admitted that she fears the country is giving into China’s territorial gains in the region.

Ms Robredo said: “I understand why our new administration is more friendly to China, but I think there should be a clear line as far as protecting our territory and sovereignty.

“The president has made a lot of statements which gives a sense we are acquiescing to what China wants.”

Ms Robredo also added that “we might wake up one day and many of our territories are no longer ours”.

Such is the growing tension in the region that the US has sent patrols to the territory.

Away from its dispute with the Philippines, China has re-entered disputed waters the had been previously claimed by Vietnam.

A survey vessel from Beijing was recently spotted gliding through parts of the disputed waters causing further outrage from Vietnam and inflamed aggression.

Vietnam said the ship left the area last week, but had returned again yesterday in a move that came after a month-long standoff between Beijing and Hanoi.