South China Sea tensions risk flaring into ‘nightmare’ all out war between Beijing and US



A COMPLETE lack of trust between the US and China threatens a minor incident between the two power nations becoming a “nightmare”, according to military experts.

Even a minor naval incident between Washington and Beijing in the hotly disputed South China Sea risk becoming “nightmarish”, military observers have warned. Analysts attending the Xiangshan Forum in Beijing spoke of the risk that Taiwan purchasing weaponry from US President Donald Trump could impose as another sticking point between him and China’s President Xi Jinping. Former PLA Major General Yao Yunzhu said: “Strategically speaking, trust between China and the US has fallen. A skirmish involving military aircraft or warships in the South China Sea could easily escalate.”

Bates Gill, professor of Asia-Pacific security studies at Australia’s Macquarie University, added Taiwan could become the final nail in the coffin in the crumbling relationship between Presidents Jinping and Trump.

Mr Gill said: “In Taiwan, we have this steady evolution of the political atmosphere where reunification under ‘one country, two systems’, or certainly reunification under Chinese terms, is simply unacceptable.”

Referring to anti-establishment Taiwan President Ing, he added: “Say if Tsai Ing-wen wins the election, as it appears likely now, it will simply add to that dynamic.”

He said there was “fertile ground” for World War 3 fears because the last major conflict had faded.

He said: “People forget about the war. This is most dangerous.

“We have seen very dangerous signs of it – like the collapse of the arms control treaties.”

The remarks come just a day after tensions between the US and China hit boiling point when a vessel rom Beijing surrounded a ship from Washington in a show of defiance.

The Asian super-power furiously accused Washington of “flexing its muscles” in the disputed region and launched an incredible display surrounding it.

China accused the US of showing its strength in the region after the USS Ronald Reagan carried out drills in the disputed waters.

Soon after entering the region, the ship was surrounded by Chinese vessels according to to satellite images.

Moreover, such was the apparent provocation that Beijing filed a complaint with Washington.