South China Sea tensions SOAR as Taiwan accuses China of INFILTRATING island with military



TAIWAN’s president Tsai Ing-Wen has accused bitter rivals China of infiltrating and attempting to gain influence on the island amid South China Sea tensions.

She warned China that Taiwan would deter military aggression in the Taiwan Strait when she addressed reporters a national security meeting. Her stern message came just days after the US unanimously backed legislation support Taiwan. She said: “The Chinese Communist Party continues to demonstrate provocative actions in the Taiwan Strait, destroying the status quo across the Taiwan Strait.”

Ms Ing-Wen comments follow a spike in cross-strait tensions last month when China’s military staged extensive drills with warships, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft around the island.

Members of the US Congress pushed the law through in a bid to gain a sharper approach to relations with Beijing.
Taiwan has been embroiled in a spat with China and faces military and diplomatic pressure from Beijing.

Taiwan, the US and China have also been stuck in a longstanding divide over the controversial and rich South China Sea.