South China Sea: Xi RAGES as Trump pursues new ARMS deal with Taiwan


XI Jinping’s administration were enraged after the US authorised $2billion worth of arms sales to self-ruled Taiwan.

The US, which is the main weapons dealer to Taiwan, would send over 100 tanks and almost 2,000 missiles to the island. There was outrage in China, who said they were seriously concerned after Taiwan’s defence ministry confirmed the sale. The move is believed to further heighten tensions between Beijing and Washington.

It comes days after Chinese defence minister Wei Fenghe said: “If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese military has no choice but to fight at all costs.”
Though officially self-ruled since 1949, China has historically regarded Taiwan as part of its territory and has stepped up its push for reunification in recent years.
Ruled by the Republic of China from 1912, the Chinese Civil War in 1949 changed everything in the region.
Fought between Mao Zedong’s Communist Party and the Chinese Nationalists – the Kuomintang – Mao ended up taking control of mainland China, while the Kuomintang held Taiwan.

China has never accepted Taiwan’s independence – arguing that the island is its breakaway province.
Geng Shuang, a military spokesman, urged the US to haul back the arms sales in order to avoid hurting bilateral ties between China and Taiwan.

The billion dollar deal is part of the US Taiwan Relations Act, which is intended to “maintain peace, security, and stability in the Western Pacific” since being ratified in 1979.
This includes the duty to defend the island from outside powers – including China.