South Korea fires ‘warning shots’ as ‘Russian and Chinese aircraft violate’ its airspace


SOUTH KOREA’s defence ministry has confirmed its military fired warning shots after Russian and Chinese aircraft violated its airspace on Tuesday.

The warning shots were fired after Russian military jets intruded into the Republic of Korea’s airspace. The confrontation comes after the Putin-Kim summit, where Russia has stepped up its economic ties with North Korea. According to the Yonhap news agency, a warplane trespassed over the Sea of Japan twice in an “unprecedented” act.

Military officers said the Air Force scrambled fighter jets and fired warning shots following the incursion.

The ministry says South Korea launched fighter jets and that they fired warning shots.

It says Chinese military planes also intruded into South Korea’s aerial identification zone on Tuesday.

The ministry gave no further details.

The military planes violated South Korea’s air defence identification zone(KADIZ) on Tuesday morning.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that two Chinese military planes and three Russian military aircraft entered the KADIZ without prior notice.

It added that one of the Russian planes violated South Korean airspace twice near the Dokdo islets.

The Republic of Korea military immediately sent fighter jets, including F-15Ks and KF-16s, and fired warning shots towards the Russian plane.