Spratly Issue: Death of our Sovereignty by Gianni Pansensoy 


BENEATH the islands invaded by China in the West Philippine Sea are 13 trillion dollars of proven huge reserve of gas as well as vast amount of oil that are the primary reasons of the dispute that continues to rage with no end in sight since China has been constructing its militay bases in the West Philippine Sea to bolster its economic interest through creeping and very low intensity expansionism.

Despite of the global outrage to put an end to China’s destructive establishment of the artificial islands yet it remains deaf which means that it is throwing the world into the fire of another global upheaval. Those islands clearly belong to the Republic of the Philippines as being defined by UNCLOS yet China incessantly claims it without legal basis as well as historical facts to prove its ownership.

thus, its occupation is illegal that violates the international law and a blatant assault against the sovereignty of the Philippines. The local Filipino fishermen who live along the coastal waters and subsist on fishing for survival are being barred by China’s coastguards to fish on their very own territorial waters,thus; pushing them into the brink of starvation.

Despite of China’s militarization on the disputed islands which is a clear and present danger since it will be used as the primary base for a full-pledged invasion but there are corrupt Filipino businessmen as well as local politicians have been collaborating with the Chinese Government to extract massive quantities of soil from different parts of the Philippines for island building and military purposes.

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