How to stop China from building military infrastructures on West PH Sea? Chinese Greenie has idea


ULAAN BAATAR, Mongolia — Experts, including Supreme Court Justice and principal proponent in the case Antonio Carpio, agree that the ruling of the international arbitral tribunal for the Philippines in its territorial dispute against China may not be enforceable. But a Chinese environmentalist has an idea on how to stop his country from building military infrastructures in the Spratlys: Use the Green card.

“I think we should approach [the dispute] from marine conservation because no government has the right to destroy the eco system, the endangered species, corals, sea turtles, tropical fish, and dolphins,” Wen Bo told at the sidelines of the Asia-Europe People’s Forum early July.

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Wen, who helped start the Greenpeace office in Beijing and who is now with the Global Greengrants Fund, said: “Those species need protection regardless of who the territory belongs to, or who claims sovereignty of the islands or marine territory.”

“It’s wrong to build things that will destroy this eco system. This could be a good argument to stop continuous construction on these islands,” he added.

Wen said that aside from China’s reclamation initiatives on the Spratlys, Chinese smugglers have been known to poach fish and other marine resources from both disputed and Philippine waters, in violation of local and international laws, particularly laws on maritime conservation.