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Chinese-Filipino Community’s Dilemma: The Philippines, China, and the South China Sea Disputes

Nationalism and nationhood in post-colonial, cosmopolitan countries like the Philippines aren’t about ethnicity, but, as eminent Sociologist Benedict Anderson suggest, they are instead anchored by an “imagined community” that is bound by shared dreams, sufferings, and experiences. Amid rising tensions in the South China Sea, pitting a powerful China against a beleaguered Philippines, the sizable […]

‘Great Wall of Sea’ hit

“China has effectively put up its own Great Wall of the Sea.” China’s statement on Tuesday that it would soon start building infrastructure on its artificial islands in the South China Sea drew condemnation from the Philippines, Japan and the United States on Wednesday. Manila said it was considering asking the United Nations arbitral tribunal […]

PH alarmed as China soon completes island building

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines urged China on Wednesday, June 17, to “desist” from its reclamation activities in the disputed West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) after Beijing said it is set to finish its island building. “We reiterate our serious concern over China’s massive reclamation activities and planned construction of facilities in those features,” […]