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Tiny islands key to ownership of South China Sea

In response, China says it’s “severely concerned” about the South East Asian nations’ statement. South East Asia says China’s actions have “eroded trust and confidence and may undermine peace, security and stability”. China retorts that what it’s doing is “entirely legal and shouldn’t be questioned”. Are the gloves coming off in the South China Sea […]

Lengthening Chinese Airstrips May Pave Way for South China Sea ADIZ

Never underestimate Chinese engineering. First the Great Wall, then the Grand Canal, and now the Great Wall of Sand. China is rapidly augmenting features in the South China Sea (SCS) on industrial scale—hundreds of acres (more than 4 square km)—that even its neighbors combined cannot match. “Features,” is the key word here, because many were previously […]

Why China’s island building is so foreboding

Over the past six months, China has gotten a little bit bigger. China’s expansion, which has amounted to less than two square miles of new land, is making waves not for how big it is, but where it is. Chinese engineers, with the help of barges and dredging machines, have been enlarging tiny reefs, sand […]

In photos: China’s construction of military bases in Spratlys

MANILA, Philippines – Recently published satellite images of China’s land reclamation in the Spratly Islands show that they are constructing large, multi-story buildings as well as a possible airstrip and harbor that can accommodate military planes and ships. The satellite image analysis published on Medium.com by Victor Robert Lee March 16 show the ongoing construction […]

World View: China Builds More Man-Made Islands in the South China Sea

China continues to occupy regions in the South China Sea that have historically belonged to other countries, and continues a massive military effort to enforce its seizures. In addition to building oil rigs and taking control of fishing grounds in other countries’ territories, China has been building man-made islands to use as military bases and […]

S China Sea islands could be China’s first island chain: report

China’s land reclamation efforts in the disputed South China Sea may eventually become the nation’s first island chain, allowing the nation to contain the US military facilities in Australia according to the Japan Military Review, a defense magazine based in Tokyo. Saburo Tanaka, a Japanese expert in Chinese military development said that the US bases […]

IYAKIN DAW | China state media calls PH a ‘crying baby’ for seeking int’l support vs island-building

China’s official news agency on Friday likened the Philippines to a “crying baby” for seeking international support against island-building in disputed waters by Beijing, denouncing its efforts as “pathetic”. The caustic commentary by the Xinhua news agency came two days after foreign ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) voiced concern over Beijing’s land […]

More blockades by China to follow, say experts

MANILA, Philippines—Security experts believe China is pushing the region to the “brink of miscalculations” in the South China Sea with its expansive land reclamation in disputed territories as the Philippines anticipates more blockades by the Chinese in the West Philippine Sea once their facilities become fully operational next year. “The bases are being constructed very […]

Imagery shows heliport on China’s Nanji Islands

Satellite imagery analysis by IHS Jane’s has confirmed that China is building a military base on islands 300 km away from the dispute Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. The imagery, captured on 13 October 2014 by Airbus Defence and Space’s Pleaides satellite, shows a heliport with 10 landing pads in the centre of Nanji Island, one of a […]

East Sea: Are artificial islands more dangerous than oil rigs?

China’s East Sea policy has a clear delineation between short term and long term. The strategy to maintain a continuous presence in the undisputed waters to gradually turn them into disputed areas has been resolutely pursued by Beijing. The 981 oil rig incident is a typical example. China used this oil rig as a “mobile […]