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Science Diplomacy a Crucible for South China Sea Disputes

The increasingly loud accusations and declarations from Beijing and Washington over China’s ambitions to reclaim a string of small islands, coral reefs and lagoons show no signs of ending. However, given the number of international stakeholders in the region, the real promise of science for diplomacy may now be at hand in this complex geopolitical […]

Pagasa Filipinos feel threatened as Beijing grows more aggressive

MANILA/SINGAPORE – On a clear night, the Filipinos who live on Pagasa Island — a speck in the vast South China Sea — can see the floodlights from giant Chinese cranes working around the clock, dredging sand to build up a nearby reef. Life on the atoll with its clutch of buildings was for decades […]

China completes land reclamation

AFTER months of political tensions and maritime squabbles, China said Wednesday that it has finally completed its land reclamation activities in some areas of the resource-rich West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). During the regular press briefing at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, its spokesman Hua Chunying revealed that “China’s construction on some stationed islands and […]

China angered by Philippine documentary on South China Sea

(Updated 6:03 p.m.) BEIJING – China on Monday accused the Philippines of spreading misinformation and “creating the illusion of the victim” in their dispute over the South China Sea after Manila aired a three-part documentary defending its position. The first part of the documentary series titled “Karapatan sa Dagat,” or maritime rights, was released as […]

East Coast Fil-Ams weigh in on South China Sea row

NEW YORK CITY—“One hundred seventeen years later, China is invading the Philippines by creating artificial islands surrounding the Philippines. China is saying they own all of [the] South China Sea, that they own all of West Philippine Sea. Mga ulol [They are crazy]!” These were the words of business tycoon Loida Nicolas-Lewis, chair of the […]

Through diplomacy, conflict in the South China Sea can be avoided

When a U.S. Navy P8-A surveillance aircraft recently flew near Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, it was warned eight times by the Chinese navy to leave the area. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that “China’s determination to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity is as firm as […]

Philippines Protesters Decry China Sea Claims

MANILA— On Friday’s independence day holiday in the Philippines, hundreds of leftist protesters decried China’s claims to most of the South China Sea. But the various groups opposed to China do not agree on whether they should rely on the United States as a deterrent to China’s increasing assertiveness. A theme song calling on Filipinos […]

Philippines airs program about sea disputes with China

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine government broadcast a television program on Friday aimed at boosting public opposition to China’s increasingly assertive moves to press its territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea. The broadcast of the first episode of a three-part series, titled “Freedom,” on the state-run TV network coincided with the Philippines’ independence […]

Militant group urges Filipinos to unite vs Chinese aggression

A militant group denounced Saturday the latest incident where a Chinese coast guard allegedly fired flares at a Philippine fishing boat over the disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares slammed China’s aggressive actions and urged Filipinos to unite to pressure China and counter its moves over […]

Vietnamese Americans Rally vs. China over Territorial Dispute

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, the Voice of Vietnamese Americans (VVA) led several rallies, denouncing China for its aggression in Asia over territorial disputes, including “placing Oil Rig Hai Yang 981 in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Vietnam.” VVA President Genie Nguyen stressed the rallies were a “demonstration for the sovereignty of Vietnam, peace in […]