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Get Ready: China Could Pull a ‘Crimea’ in Asia

Zhang Wenmu [张文木] is a major fixture of the Chinese foreign policy debate. Unlike many of his colleagues in the Beijing foreign policy scene, he does not frequent seminars and workshops with Western counterparts. He has remained noticeably apart from the “jet-set” of Beijing talking heads that are racking up thousands of airline miles with […]

Overseas Chinese and the Crimea Crisis

As I noted last week, one of the more interesting aspects of the international response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea was the reaction of emerging powers like China and India. Despite the importance they have long placed on respect for sovereignty, all the emerging nations refused to criticize Russia’s seizure of territory belonging to Ukraine. […]

New PHL-US defense pact to highlight US Asia rebalance – DFA chief

An agreement on US-Philippine defense cooperation, expected to be signed this month during a visit by President Barack Obama, will be a clear sign of a US “rebalance” to Asia despite US preoccupations elsewhere, Department of Foreign Affairs Sec. Albert del Rosario said. The deal will enable the sharing of Philippine bases, an increase in […]

US threatens China over territorial disputes, cites sanctions on Russia as example

The US gave a strong warning to China not to escalate territorial tensions in the Asia-Pacific region if it doesn’t want to face American retaliation. In his statement, a US official used sanctions on Russia over Crimea’s accession as an example. Although it’s difficult to gauge China’s response at this point, more pressure needs to […]

Can Asia prevent its own Crimea?

With the world watching Ukraine with wary eyes, the U.S. Navy’s lead admiral in the Pacific suggested Asia could face a similar crisis if the continent’s other major power continues on its current path. Since 2009, China has stepped up what Philippine officials have called a “creeping invasion” in the South China Sea. Although less […]

What the Philippines can learn from the South China Sea and Ukraine crises

HONOLULU, March 21, 2014 — The modern world that emerged from the end of the Cold War and the disastrous terrorist attacks of 9/11 has deceived the United States and her traditional allies into assuming that war between states was a thing of the past. As the world sees Russian advances in Eastern Europe and […]