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Chinese Military Behind South China Sea Cyber Espionage Attacks

An infamous advanced persistent threat hacking group known as Naikon is actually China’s PLA Unit 78020 and a military intelligence expert there, traced to the attacks via his social media and other activity. Add one more contentious cyberattack issue to the mix for tomorrow’s meeting in Washington, D.C. between President Obama and Chinese president Xi […]

The World Has China Wrong, Says Top Pentagon Adviser

Military leaders in China are known for their outlandish plots. Due to the nature of their strange proposals, which are often coupled with highly aggressive undertones, many China experts write their claims off as little more than internal propaganda to rally the Chinese people. According to Michael Pillsbury, a long-time adviser to the Pentagon, the […]

Xinhua: ASEAN Should Avoid Being Divided by South China Sea Issue

It was a busy week in China news, with the China-Vietnam stand-off continuing, the U.S. charging five PLA officers with cybercrimes, and a terrorist attack bringing tragedy to Xinjiang. Below, some stories you may have missed on the developments: Xinhua responds to the news that Vietnam and the Philippines are growing closer together in the […]

Chinese Military Increases Scope of Cyberattacks on the US

After several major cyberattacks were traced to the Chinese military in February 2013, hackers in China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have not only continued their attacks against the United States, but they are attacking on an even larger scale, and with greater frequency. “Across numerous industries, we’ve increasingly observed the Chinese government conduct expansive intrusion […]

Chinese cyber military unit targeting the Philippines

FILIPINO WORLDVIEW By Roberto R. Romulo (The Philippine Star) @ http://www.philstar.com/business/2013/03/01/914349/cyber-security-threat-p.l..-unit-61398 “Global dependence on the Internet expands by leaps and bandwidth every day. Nations depend on a cyber infrastructure that enables the operation of financial markets, transportation networks, taxation and energy grids, as well as the public agencies protecting the health and security of their […]