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Science Diplomacy a Crucible for South China Sea Disputes

The increasingly loud accusations and declarations from Beijing and Washington over China’s ambitions to reclaim a string of small islands, coral reefs and lagoons show no signs of ending. However, given the number of international stakeholders in the region, the real promise of science for diplomacy may now be at hand in this complex geopolitical […]

Preventing Ecocide in South China Sea

The escalating territorial dispute in the South China Sea is as much an ecological crisis as it is a geopolitical one. Dredging, land reclamation and the construction of artificial islands could be swamping centuries old reefs in sediment, endangering ecosystems that play a key role in maintaining fish stocks throughout the region. According to leading […]

Pagasa Filipinos feel threatened as Beijing grows more aggressive

MANILA/SINGAPORE – On a clear night, the Filipinos who live on Pagasa Island — a speck in the vast South China Sea — can see the floodlights from giant Chinese cranes working around the clock, dredging sand to build up a nearby reef. Life on the atoll with its clutch of buildings was for decades […]

China angered by Philippine documentary on South China Sea

(Updated 6:03 p.m.) BEIJING – China on Monday accused the Philippines of spreading misinformation and “creating the illusion of the victim” in their dispute over the South China Sea after Manila aired a three-part documentary defending its position. The first part of the documentary series titled “Karapatan sa Dagat,” or maritime rights, was released as […]

West Phl Sea documentary gaining ground

MANILA, Philippines – The documentary promoting awareness instilling patriotism among Filipinos worldwide in the country’s struggle to maintain its hold over some of the islands in the South China Sea is gaining ground on various social media platforms. Dubbed as “Karapatan sa Karagatan” the maritime and sovereignty awareness video launched by the Department of Foreign […]

DND: West PHL Sea video to instill nationalism in defense of sovereignty

Beijing may find Manila’s video production on the West Philippine Sea offensive, but the Philippine Defense Department sees the documentary as a tool to instill nationalism among Filipinos and to raise their awareness of the issues surrounding disputed marine areas now under the shadow of China’s ambitious ownership claim. Commenting on the video aired last […]

Philippines Protesters Decry China Sea Claims

MANILA— On Friday’s independence day holiday in the Philippines, hundreds of leftist protesters decried China’s claims to most of the South China Sea. But the various groups opposed to China do not agree on whether they should rely on the United States as a deterrent to China’s increasing assertiveness. A theme song calling on Filipinos […]

Philippines airs program about sea disputes with China

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine government broadcast a television program on Friday aimed at boosting public opposition to China’s increasingly assertive moves to press its territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea. The broadcast of the first episode of a three-part series, titled “Freedom,” on the state-run TV network coincided with the Philippines’ independence […]

Vietnam and China: A Dangerous Incident

In early January 2014, video of a recent CCTV4 documentary “Blue Frontiers Guard” appeared online, providing a detailed history of the China Marine Surveillance (CMS) spanning from roughly 2007 up until the present. The documentary, in Chinese with English subtitles, begins with footage of an incident that occurred on June 30, 2007 between various government […]