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John Ivison: Tension between China and Japan over islands could threaten world peace

TOKYO – Shinjuku station at rush hour is like a highly organized ant colony, as 3.6-million commuters converge on the world’s busiest transport hub every day. Yet harmony, rather than chaos, reigns in a society that remains a remarkable consensus of politeness, co-operation and affinity. A train that arrives two minutes late is greeted by […]

South China Sea Dispute: Beijing’s National Security Law Could Create New Tensions

China’s top government body adopted a first draft of a new national security law Wednesday in a move that will likely ramp up Beijing’s ambitions in the already tense waters of the South China Sea. The law defines issues in cyberspace, outer space, the deep sea, polar regions and, perhaps most urgently, the South China Sea, […]

Leftist lawmaker wants Japan, Philippines to immediately stop military activities

A leftist lawmaker wants Philippines and Japan to immediately stop their joint military exercises. ACT Teachers Representative Antonio Tinio said “President Aquino is committing a gross and blatant violation of the constitutional prohibition on foreign troops in allowing the joint exercise with Japanese military forces.” “This includes the surveillance flight of a Japanese P-3 Orion […]

Chinese army newspaper calls for military role in Internet culture war

An article published in the People’s Liberation Army Daily, the official newspaper of China’s military—and reprinted in part by Qiushi, the official magazine of the Chinese Communist Party—calls the Internet “the ideological ‘main front’ and ‘the main battlefield’” upon which China must fight an ideological war upon the West to defend itself from the creeping […]

Riding the Tiger of Anti-U.S. Sentiment in the South China Sea

The South China Sea has long been the focus of simmering maritime disputes between China, which claims sovereignty over almost all of the sea, and its neighbors in the Asia-Pacific, each with smaller overlapping claims. But strains between China and the United States have increased since February, when satellite images revealed that Chinese vessels are […]

Fewer Chinese back military action over South China Sea

MANILA, Philippines — There is significantly more support for a compromise and third-party arbitration to settle long-standing disputes over the East and South China Seas among urban Chinese residents, a recent survey indicated. In a study released by Pert USAsia Centre, researcher Andrew Chubb surveyed 1,413 adult residents of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha and Chengdu. […]

China says changing position on sea dispute would shame ancestors

Changing position on China’s claims over the South China Sea would shame its ancestors, while not facing up to infringements of Chinese sovereignty there would shame its children, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday. China has become increasingly assertive in the South China Sea, building artificial islands in areas over which the Philippines and […]

What China wants

MATTHEW BOULTON, James Watt’s partner in the development of the steam engine and one of the 18th century’s greatest industrialists, was in no doubt about the importance of Britain’s first embassy to the court of the Chinese emperor. “I conceive”, he wrote to James Cobb, secretary of the East India Company, “the present occasion to […]

China expands its reach in the South China Sea. What’s the end goal? (+ video)

Beijing — It is typhoon season in the South China Sea. But more dangerous than the physical winds tearing down homes and trees is a brewing political storm that threatens the peace in one of the world’s most strategic flash points. Over the past several months China has set itself on a collision course with […]

Vietnam buckles under Chinese pressure

Since China’s July 16 withdrawal of its HYSY-981 oil exploration rig from waters claimed by Vietnam, tensions in the South China Sea have momentarily defused. But Beijing’s months-long placement of the rig roughly 130 nautical miles from Vietnam’s coast presented the most divisive threat in years to Hanoi’s Communist Party leadership Hanoi showed itself to […]