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Taiwan Suggests Code of Conduct for East China Sea

TAIPEI — China and Japan have tested each other’s patience for 18 months with claims to the same patch of ocean. Now Taiwan, a third but smaller claimant to the same area, is suggesting a code of conduct to avoid missteps or accidents. Taiwan normally gets little attention for diplomacy because of opposition from China […]

Taiwan Asserts Itself in East China Sea

Taiwan’s Coast Guard and Military held a simulated fire drill and patrolled in the East China Sea last week, even as Taiwan’s President continued to promote his East China Sea peace initiative. According to detailed press accounts in Taiwan’s media this week, last week Taiwan’s Coast Guard, Navy, and Air Force conducted combined patrols and […]

Long pacifist, Japan hones military skills

CAMP PENDLETON, California: In the early morning along a barren stretch of beach here last week, Japanese soldiers and US Marines practiced how to invade and retake an island captured by hostile forces. Memo to Beijing: Be forewarned. One Marine sergeant yelled for his soldiers to push into the right building, as his soldiers, guns […]

China’s rebuke of Julie Bishop ‘rudest’ conduct seen in 30 years, says senior foreign affairs official

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in December last year. The Chinese minister critised Ms Bishop over her handling of China’s air defence in the East China Sea. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in December last year. The Chinese minister critised Ms Bishop over her handling […]

Japan eyes arms exports to secure sea lanes under new rules

Japan will allow the export of arms to countries located along sea lanes to ensure the safe delivery of oil and other natural resources, while bolstering Japan’s defense cooperation with the United States by providing repair work for U.S. military aircraft overseas, according to a draft of new principles on arms exports. In the first […]

Japan’s pro-nuke voices worry world: China

China has urged the Japanese government to make clear its stance on right-wing activists’ latest pro-nuclear weapons statements, as the country continues to hold large amounts of weapons-grade nuclear materials. “In recent years, voices in favor of nuclear weapons have kept emerging in Japan without any clarification from the government,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying […]

China’s Military Trains for War Against Japan

A senior U.S. military officer has accused China’s People Liberation Army of training for a “short sharp war” against Japan in the East China Sea aimed at seizing the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. According to the U.S. Naval Institute, Captain James Fanell, Director, Intelligence and Information Operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, said that the massive Mission […]

China urges int’l alert for Japanese comments

BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) — China on Wednesday urged the international community to be on alert for any comments which attempt to vindicate Japan’s invasion history and challenge post-war world order. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying’s comments came in response to a question regarding recent Japanese comments. Chairman of Japan’s public broadcaster NHK Katsuto […]

Stand With Our Ally in Tokyo

For nearly seven decades, the U.S. alliance with Japan has been the cornerstone of the American-led security order in East Asia. Together, our two countries have helped to usher in an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity in a region formerly identified with persistent conflict and endemic poverty. Working together through the long years of […]