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China’s White Paper: Implications for Southeast Asia

China released its first white paper on military strategy at the end of last month. Issued by the State Council Information Office, the white paper outlines China’s strategy of “active defense,” and highlights four critical security domains: the ocean, outer space, cyberspace, and nuclear forces. For the states of Southeast Asia, China’s outlined military strategy […]

Aquino: PH to ‘pull weight’ in South China Sea

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III on Wednesday, June 3, said the Philippines will assert itself in the disputed South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) once it fully implements a new but legally questioned military agreement with the United States. “Once everything has been ironed out – there’s a challenge before the Supreme Court […]

Philippines making waves over China’s moves in disputed waters

China’s moves to explore for oil and undertake land reclamation projects on contested islets in the South China Sea have upset a number of its neighbors, including Vietnam. But none has taken a tougher stance against Beijing’s moves than the Philippines. The archipelago has shaped up as the loudest voice in Southeast Asia against China’s […]

Implications of the Philippines-US military deal

President Barack Obama’s visit to the Philippines, the last leg of his recent 4-nation Asian tour, produced a new bilateral defense agreement that was touted by some observers as the single most significant outcome of his regional foray. The agreement was said to contribute to his goals of reassuring allies and signaling that the United […]

China Tests American Resolve: More Trouble in the South China Sea

“What would America fight for?” exclaimed The Economist, as it cautioned the Obama administration against strategic retreat and neo-isolationism. It dismissed President Obama’s foreign policy as a cerebral doctrine that excuses inaction — one that is based on visceral recoil at confrontation and distaste for strategic gamble. It warned Washington about increasing doubt among allies, […]

Will New Defense Pact Impact US Support for Philippines in Sea Disputes?

MANILA — The newly signed defense agreement between the Philippines and the United States is widely seen as a boost for the Philippines’ military at a time of increased tensions with China. But analysts say the extent of U.S. support remains ambiguous, making it unclear how the pact might affect future confrontations between Manila and […]

China urged: Listen to your neighbors

MANILA, Philippines – By listening to its neighbors, China can realize that they are not adversaries but “willing partners” in its quest for regional development and stability, visiting US President Barack Obama said yesterday. Asked to comment on China’s growing aggressiveness in staking its claims in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea, Obama […]

Obama’s Asia visit shows US sees China as ‘opponent’: state media

BEIJING – A major Chinese newspaper hit out at Barack Obama on Tuesday after the US president said Washington was not seeking to counter Beijing’s influence in the Asia-Pacific. The state-run China Daily wrote in an editorial that Obama’s week-long visit to Asia, which concludes Tuesday, made it “increasingly obvious that Washington is taking Beijing […]

Philippines-China ties: What went wrong?

“IS this how the Philippines should deal with its powerhouse neighbor?” Former President Fidel V. Ramos raised this question in 2011 following conflicting reports on the dates of President Benigno S. Aquino’s state visit to China. But back then, relations between the Philippines and China were still in good shape. Hu Jintao was then the […]