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China, U.S. head toward faceoff in South China Sea

WASHINGTON — The Chinese government gave a stern warning Wednesday that it will protect its sovereignty in the South China Sea after a cat-and-mouse pursuit of a U.S. warship by a Chinese frigate. “The Chinese side will take resolute measures to safeguard national sovereignty and safety. We will keep an eye on the situation in […]

China Lashes Out Over U.S. Plan on South China Sea

Beijing condemned on Wednesday a proposed U.S. military plan to send aircraft and Navy ships near disputed South China Sea islands to contest Chinese territorial claims over the area. “We are severely concerned about relevant remarks made by the American side. We believe the American side needs to make clarification on that,” said Foreign Ministry […]

China reportedly warns US against sending ships, aircraft to South China Sea

WASHINGTON –  China has reportedly warned the U.S. against sending U.S. Navy aircraft or ships to the South China Sea to contest territorial claims made by Beijing in disputed waters. The Wall Street Journal had reported late Tuesday that the Pentagon was considering flying surveillance aircraft and sending ships to within 12 nautical miles of […]