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How America and China Have Different Visions of International Order

This May, China’s Ministry of Defense published a white paper, “China’s Military Strategy,” only a few months after the United States’ most recent National Security Strategy (NSS) was released.  It is revealing to compare the two documents, both to see how each nation envisions the other in a strategic context, and because it adds to […]

Of Course China Wants to Replace the U.S.

Over at The Week, Think Progress’s Zack Beauchamp has a provocative piece arguing that “China is not replacing the United States as the global hegemon. And it never will.” Specifically, Beauchamp posits that “China faces too many internal problems and regional rivals to ever make a real play for global leadership. And even if Beijing […]

US program challenges Beijing’s South China Sea claims

Before the US secretary of state, John Kerry, begins his second visit to China and his fifth to Asia, the China Youth Daily — the official newspaper of the Communist Youth League of China — stated that the Freedom of Navigation program announced by Jimmy Carter in 1979 stands in the way of Beijing’s attempts […]