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Appeasement: The lessons of history

Film buffs familiar with the works of Mel Brooks probably know “To Be or Not to Be,” where he did an amusing impersonation of Adolf Hitler and launched into a musical number that went: “I don’t want war, all I want is peace… A little piece of Poland, a little piece of France, a little […]

Call them Chinese

As expected, President Benigno “Noy” Aquino III renewed his administration’s vow to modernize the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). At the same time, President Aquino reiterated his push for more improvements in the benefits being received by each and every man and woman in uniform. The twin promises were made during the latest change […]

China intentions perplexing – Noy

MANILA, Philippines – Beijing’s intentions in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea are perplexing, but would not distract the Philippines from its resolve to defend its territory through peaceful means, President Aquino said in an interview with The New York Times last Tuesday. In the interview, Aquino also said he would like the […]

The truth must be told: China is the Nazi Germany of the contemporary world order

I refer to Keith Bradsher of the New York Times, “Philippine Leader Sounds Alarm on China”, February 4 concerning its unabated and continuing aggression on the Asia Pacific region. To quote from the said article: “President Benigno S. Aquino III called on Tuesday for nations around the world to do more to support the Philippines […]