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Chinese South China Sea Reclamation Projects Hamper Philippines, Others’ Claims

MANILA— China is forging ahead with reclamation projects on at least seven tiny but hotly contested features in the South China Sea, posing what could be a major challenge in the Philippines’ international arbitration case against China. Surveys of the disputed outcroppings will be key. Since the beginning of the year, various satellite images of […]

UNCLOS on Trial in the South China Sea

The latest installation of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative covers several recent developments in the region, including China and Japan’s progress towards an East China Sea crisis mechanism, Japan’s new record defense budget, and Taiwan’s decision to delay development work on Itu Aba island, following the revelation that a Chinese vessel was involved in the […]


Dr. Jay L. Batongbacal Director, UP Institute for Maritime Affairs & Law of the Sea Lecture delivered for the Cartographic Exhibit Forum September 26, 2014 De La Salle University Introduction Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Thank you for your kind invitation to speak before you today on the occasion of the exhibit entitled “Historical Truths […]

The impossible dream and the West Philippine Sea

by Jay L. Batongbacal  @ http://www.rappler.com/thought-leaders/20550-the-impossible-dream-and-the-west-philippine-sea Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto del Rosario’s announcement that the Philippines is initiating UNCLOS Annex VII Arbitration has finally ended the suspense on the announced intentions of the Philippines of taking China to before an international tribunal. But it leaves many unanswered questions.The most obvious question is whether it is […]