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South China Sea: Filipino teens camp on disputed island

(CNN)China and Taiwan are expressing their displeasure with a ragtag band of Filipino activists who have waded into a regional dispute over territory in the South China Sea. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said the Chinese government is “strongly dissatisfied” with protestors from the Philippines, who landed Saturday on a small island that is a […]

New China facility seen to put Pag-asa Island in peril

MANILA, Philippines – China is building a combat-capable air facility on Zamora (Subi) Reef in South China Sea in a development seen to jeopardize the Philippines’s possession of the nearby Pag-asa Island. Satellite photos published Thursday by foreign affairs website The Diplomat showed that China is subgrading for a runway at a width of about […]

AFP sets more surveillance in West Philippine Sea

The military will be conducting more surveillance in the West Philippine Sea following China’s pronouncement that it would be building more structures on the artificial islands in the contested area. Asked if the military was alarmed that China had continued its reclamation efforts in the disputed territory, Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Gen. Gregorio […]

Palace to Beijing: What exaggeration? Facts speak for themselves

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines has been presenting nothing but facts to reveal China’s massive reclamation activities in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), and it is up to the global community to determine its implications on the security of the region, Malacañang stressed yesterday. China’s Foreign Ministry accused the Philippines of working together […]

Local fishermen alarmed over dynamite fishing off Pagasa Island

MANILA, Philippines – Illegal fishing activities of the Chinese and Vietnamese in the West Philippine Sea have caused alarm with Filipino fishermen residing in the area. According to a report, the foreigners have been seen fishing near Pagasa Island which lies in the disputed waters. The Filipino fishermen would chase or warn illegal fishers away but […]

China demands US warships keep away from disputed South China Sea islands

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said last night that the US needs to clarify its stance on proposed new patrols around the islands being used to establish a claim on key strategic oil and fish stocks. China urged “the relevant country” to “refrain from taking risky and provocative actions to maintain the regional peace […]

Philippine military chief visits South China Sea island

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines’ military chief flew to a Filipino-occupied island in the South China Sea on Monday and vowed to defend the territory and help develop tourism and marine resources there amid disputes with China. Related Stories Pentagon weighs sending planes, ships near disputed South China Sea reefs Reuters South China Sea […]

‘China fabricating stories to cover up marine destruction in Spratlys’

MANILA, Philippines – China is making up stories to cover up the massive destruction to marine life and the environment caused by Chinese reclamation projects in the disputed Spratlys, defense officials said. Peter Paul Galvez, Department of National Defense (DND) spokesman, said China has resorted to concocting lies to defend its illegal and destructive reclamation […]

Checkmate: PH has lost West PH Sea to China, analysts say

MANILA – It’s a checkmate. The Philippines has lost the West Philippine Sea to China, according to analysts. In light of recent intelligence photographs that show massive and extensive construction and reclamation activities by China in the West Philippine Sea, Congressman Ashley Acedillo and military historian Jose Custodio both believe that it is a veritable […]

Vietnam stands with PHL position on UN tribunal

Vietnam sided with Philippine government saying that the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal has jurisdiction on settling maritime disputes base on U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea. “To protect its legal rights and interests in the East Sea which may be affected in the South China Sea Arbitration case, Vietnam has expressed its position […]