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Exposed: China’s False South China Sea Narrative

Chinese authorities, as well as sympathetic writers, have in recent months sought to deflect criticism of China’s island-building campaign in the Spratlys by insisting that Beijing is merely copying what other claimants have done for years. According to this narrative, every claimant is as guilty as Beijing of altering the status of features in the […]

‘China intrusion larger than Putrajaya lets on’

Putrajaya may have made public its displeasure over a China coast guard vessel violating Malaysian waters by anchoring in the South Luconia Shoal but such intrusions have apparently been more extensive than it had let on. According to satellite images obtained by current affairs and defence magazine The Diplomat, China had an even larger coast […]

South China Sea: Satellite Images Show Pace of China’s Subi Reef Reclamation

Satellite imagery from June 5, 2015 shows China has expanded its land fill of Subi Reef by 74 percent in less than two months, adding an average of eight acres of surface per day on that reef alone. Mischief Reef, larger than Subi, is now more than half filled in, according to a June 9, […]

Indian Navy in disputed South China Sea as part of operational deployment

In what is being seen as a furtherance to India’s ‘Act East’ policy and more specifically, a strategically operational deployment in the crucial South China Sea, Indian Navy warships reached Malaysia on Wednesday. The fleet belonging to the Navy’s Eastern Fleet fleet includes INS Ranvir, a guided missile destroyer, INS Satpura, the indigenously built guided […]

Malaysia, Asean nations don’t recognise Chinese claims in South China Sea

Malaysia and the other Asean member nations do not recognise China’s duplicating claims in the South China Sea as they are not in line with the provisions of international law. Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin said the claims based on the “nine-dash line” were also not in line with the United Nations Convention on […]

Latest Sino-Malaysian encounter amidst South China Sea disputes – Whither the shift in Malaysian reaction?

In the latest episode of the saga involving territorial disputes in South China Sea (SCS), Malaysia will reportedly lodge a formal diplomatic protest with China over the presence of a Chinese Coast Guard vessel near Luconia Shoals, a series of islets and reefs well within Malaysia’s claimed 200-nm exclusive economic zone. The Malaysian Prime Minister, […]

Anxious About China, Asian Nations Buy More U.S. Military Hardware

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, right, and Vietnam’s Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh review the guard of honour during a welcoming ceremony at the Defense Ministry in Hanoi, Vietnam, on June 1. The U.S., Russia, France, the U.K. and other countries are all jockeying to sell military equipment to Southeast Asian countries. Hoang Dinh Nam/Reuters/Landov […]

Malaysia urged to toughen stance over China vessels in disputed sea

A China Coast Guard vessel seen in disputed waters off the coast of the eastern state of Sabah. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian lawmakers have urged the country to toughen its stance against China following reports of the continued presence of Chinese Coast Guard vessels in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. Located off the coast […]

Malaysia Responds to China’s South China Sea Intrusion

The country reacts strongly to Beijing’s incursion into its waters. Last week, The Borneo Post reported that China had once again encroached into Malaysian waters in the South China Sea. According to the June 2 report, confirmed by Malaysian officials, a Chinese Coast Guard ship had been detected intruding into Malaysian waters at the Luconia […]

Malaysia to protest over China Coast Guard ‘intrusion’

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia will lodge a diplomatic protest against an alleged incursion by a Chinese Coast Guard ship into its waters off Borneo island in the disputed South China Sea, a top naval official said Tuesday amid a continuing standoff with the vessel. Navy Chief Abdul Aziz Jaafar said that since late 2014, intrusions […]