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US 2014 report: China now a threat throughout Asia-Pacific

“By 2020, China could have as many as 351 submarines and missile-equipped surface ships in the Asia Pacific. By comparison, the U.S. Navy, budget permitting, plans to have 67 submarines and surface ships stationed in or forward deployed to the region in 2020, a modest increase from 50 in 2014,” says in the 2014 annual […]

America and Its Allies in the South China Sea: Dangerously Overmatched, Outgunned, and Outranged by China

Three books published this year contemplate Asia’s most vexing problem. Taken together, they provide a thorough understanding of the contest in the South China Sea. Still, they leave the reader with one large puzzle. Asia’s Cauldron recounts, in Robert Kaplan’s readable travelogue style, the fascinating political and economic trajectories of the nations surrounding the South […]

New law to boost military security in China-claimed waters – report

MANILA, Philippines — China’s new law that seeks to increase military security in its territorial waters will take effect next month to respond to the reported “inadvertent intrusions” into restricted areas. According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress has enacted the Law of People’s Republic of […]