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China accuses US of instigating Philippines to go to UN on South China Sea

BEIJING: China today accused the US of “instigating” the Philippines to go for UN arbitration on the disputed South China Sea issue, citing an American diplomat’s remarks that ruling by an international tribunal would be critical for the “rules-based” future of the region. “As Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said, the Philippines’ action of forwarding […]

China to PH fishers: ‘Filipino, go!’

PANGASINAN FISHERMEN RECOUNT ORDEAL IN HANDS OF CHINESE COAST GUARD INFANTA, Pangasinan—“Filipino, go!” Those two words continue to ring loud in fisherman Romulo Ferrer’s ears, coming from a Chinese coast guard vessel that threateningly approached the fishing boat that Ferrer and seven other fishermen took to Scarborough Shoal, also known as Panatag Shoal, in the […]

South China sea’s vague 9-dash line underpins China’s claim

Although China’s claim to the area of about 3.5 million square kilometers (1.4 million square miles) is based on historical records and geographic proximity, the nine-dash line is a modern creation. It first appeared on 1947 maps produced by the government of the Republic of China, which was replaced by the communist People’s Republic on […]

Anifah: We cannot be neutral over South China Sea

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia cannot remain neutral on the South China Sea issue because it is a direct claimant on the maritime area, said Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman. “In this case, we cannot remain neutral because we are one of the claimants. So, the issue of neutrality should not arise,” he said in reply […]

China Coast Guard building up fleet

At the weekend, a China Coast Guard (CCG) ship allegedly rammed a Chinese fishing boat to pry it loose from an Indonesian patrol boat that had seized it for illegal fishing near the Natunas in what Jakarta said was its waters. The incident has shone a spotlight on the CCG, which has been expanding its […]

South China Sea Issue: Referring To ICJ Only A Last Resort

KUALA LUMPUR: Taking the issue of overlapping territorial claims in the South China Sea to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will only be the last resort if negotiations fail between the countries involved. Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said Malaysia, however, was confident that the negotiation process between the ASEAN countries involved and […]

The 2016 Lowy Lecture: Exciting times ahead on a sombre day

When Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched the 2016 Defence White Paper one month ago he said that ‘it sets out a clear eyed and unsentimental appraisal of our strategic environment, the threats and the opportunities.’ Last night’s Lowy Lecture, delivered by Mr Turnbull, was an attempt — perhaps overdue — to put his personal […]

Simbahang Katolika, may iniindorso nga bang kandidato?

Naglabas ng pahayag nitong Huwebes ang Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (BCCP) kasunod ng ilang social media post na nagsasaad ng pagsuporta umano ng ilang lider ng Simbahang Katolika sa ilang kandidato sa darating na panguluhang halalan. Sa isang post sa Facebook page na Papal Visit-Philippines 2015, na pinapangasiwaan ng CBCP Media Office, itinanggi […]

Why China Shouldn’t Denounce UNCLOS

The imminent prospect of a final award in the Philippines v. China arbitration case on the South China Seahas prompted much speculation on what China will do after the award is issued. One of the more disconcerting scenarios that has been put forth in the event of an unfavorable award is China’s denunciation of the […]

Did 1988 battle anniversary hint rise in Vietnam-China tensions

The naval clash between Vietnam and China over Johnson South Reef aka Gac Ma Island was the last battle between the two communist neighbors.It occurred on March 14 1988 when Chinese forces launched an attack on the island that was formerly under Vietnamese control. This resulted in the deaths of 64 Vietnamese soldiers the sinking […]