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AFP sets more surveillance in West Philippine Sea

The military will be conducting more surveillance in the West Philippine Sea following China’s pronouncement that it would be building more structures on the artificial islands in the contested area. Asked if the military was alarmed that China had continued its reclamation efforts in the disputed territory, Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Gen. Gregorio […]

US, Indonesian Navies Conduct Air Patrol Exercise in South China Sea

On Thursday, the the U.S. and Indonesian navies carried out a joint maritime air patrol in the waters around the Natuna archipelago. The patrol involved 88 personnel overall. The United States committed a P-3C Orion fleet comprising four ships and 21 personnel. In terms of Indonesian hardware, the Indonesian navy committed CN-235 and NC-212 short […]

China’s Air Force Conducts First Training Exercise in West Pacific

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has conducted its first training exercise above the western Pacific Ocean on Monday, the country’s Defence Ministry said, in a move that could heighten tensions with neighboring countries in the South China Sea. PLA Air Force spokesman Shen Jinke told Reuters on Monday that PLA aircraft flew to […]

China is pushing South China Sea situation to the brink of miscalculation

Security experts believe China is pushing the region to the “brink of miscalculations” in the South China Sea with its expansive land reclamation in disputed territories as the Philippines anticipates more blockades by the Chinese in the West Philippine Sea once their facilities become fully operational next year. “The bases are being constructed very fast, […]

China, US navies implement code of conduct

The code, ratified earlier this year, was put into effect as the two navies launched their latest anti-piracy exercise in the Gulf of Aden on Thursday. Analysts said the exercise was an opportunity to put the code into practice and an encouraging indication that both navies want to minimize the risk of misunderstandings. The Chinese […]

F-22 Raptors Deployed to Japan as Show of Force to China, N. Korea

The US Air Force has deployed several F-22 Raptor jets from an Alaska air base to Japan to partake in exercises, according to reports. The deployment, according to the Aviationist, has the dual purpose in allowing “U.S. aircrews fly and train with local Japan Air Self Defense Forces, and show the presence of Washington’s most […]

Taiwan’s live-fire drills on Spratlys infuriate Vietnam

A second day of live-fire drills conducted by the Coast Guard Administration on one of the disputed Spratly Islands (Nansha Islands, 南沙群島) drew condemnation from Vietnam, which also claims the South China Sea chain as its territory. The drills are conducted annually on the Taiwan-administered Itu Aba Island (Taiping Island, 太平島), said Shih Yi-che (施義哲), […]

‘Chinese Aegis’ Leads A2/AD Drill in South China Sea

China has deployed its most advanced guided-missile destroyer to the disputed South China Sea to participate in a large naval exercise, according to Taiwanese media. This week, the Want Daily and its English-language sister site, Want China Times, reported that China deployed the Kunming, the first of its new Type 052D guided-missile destroyers (DDG), to […]

Beijing may announce S China Sea ADIZ: Philippine official

A senior security official from the Philippines said on Monday that China’s development and reclamation of disputed reefs in the South China Sea is part of Beijing’s plan to set up an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over the region, reports the website of the Manila-based Philippine Star. The official cited military research and sustained […]

Taiwan conducted live fire exercise at Itu Aba

Notice is hereby given to all mariners and other parties concerned that: 1.Reference: Coast Guard District National Capital Region–Central Luzon Radio Message Cite CGDNCR-CL3-0414-026. 2.For the projected escort mission to the Regatta 2014 form 22-26 April 2014 at SBMA, Olongapo City. The Philippine Coast Guard Vessel BRP Nueva Vizcaya (SARV-3502) will conduct Gun Test Firing […]