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Australia Startled by Chinese Naval Excursion

The Australian public is being reminded of Indonesia’s importance to the country’s foreign and defence policy—past, present and future. Last Thursday, many Australian viewers switched their televisions over to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in an attempt to escape from the media frenzy surrounding the release of Australian citizen Schapelle Corby from prison in Indonesia. They found […]

China building second aircraft carrier – reports

(Reuters) – China is building its second aircraft carrier, which is expected to take six years, and the country aims to have at least four such ships, Chinese and Hong Kong media reports said on Sunday. After two decades of double-digit increases in the military budget, China’s admirals plan to develop a full blue-water navy […]

China, Russia Complete Extensive Naval Exercise

MOSCOW, July 10 (RIA Novosti) – China and Russia on Wednesday completed an extensive naval exercise in the Far East, said a representative of Russia’s Pacific Fleet. The Naval Interaction 2013 exercise, in which 4,000 servicemen participated, came in the wake of US-Japanese war games held last month near San Diego, California. Tensions at sea […]