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No third party can explore oil, gas in South China Sea: Beijing

Oct 02, 2015 01:12 IST China on Thursday said no third country has the right to explore oil and gas in the South China Sea in areas under its jurisdiction and without its permission. Responding to questions on the India-US-Japan statement on access to navigation and commerce in maritime routes across the world including the […]


China is consolidating its newfound authority over the international South China Sea by declaring it controls international waters off the coast of independent Vietnam. “India’s intention to once again explore for oil in the disputed waters of the South China Sea is an unwise move, as it will further complicate the maritime disputes and do […]

South China Sea tensions deter oil exploration

An energy analyst said exploring for oil and gas near disputed islands in the South China Sea is too much of a gamble for international energy companies because of the tensions in the region and unconfirmed estimates of the size of the oil and gas deposits. China has been reclaiming land and building port and […]

‘Gas in WPS can energize entire PH’

The natural gas resources on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) are so vast that the fuel there can energize the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao grids for at least 20 years, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers’ Association (LPG-MA) said on Sunday. “This is one of the compelling reasons why we have to secure our […]

Philippines making waves over China’s moves in disputed waters

China’s moves to explore for oil and undertake land reclamation projects on contested islets in the South China Sea have upset a number of its neighbors, including Vietnam. But none has taken a tougher stance against Beijing’s moves than the Philippines. The archipelago has shaped up as the loudest voice in Southeast Asia against China’s […]

China invokes ‘cabbage tactics’ in South China Sea

China is conducting ‘cabbage’ or a militarily overwhelming strategy and ‘salami-slicing’ – insidious land-grabbing tactics to strengthen its power in the South China Sea By Huseyin Erdogan China is following a long-term strategy with its so called “Cabbage Tactic” to increase its power in the South China Sea, said an expert from China’s Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, on Tuesday. “At […]

East Sea issues draw attention from Belgian experts

A conference on the international law perspective on the East Sea came under the spotlight in an article carried by the Belgian Euro Press Image (EPI) portal on March 11. Professor Erik Franck, a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) chaired the conference in Brussels, which brought together over 100 scholars, lawyers, researchers […]

The South China Sea ‘V-I-P’ solution

The ‘VIP’ Group of Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines all share both advantageous relations with and deep disagreements with China in the South China Sea. Working together, they could present a united front. This would include establishing Joint Development Areas allotted by auction and linked by a common-carrier open-access energy infrastructure. Each has a serious […]

PHL stops oil and gas drilling in Reed Bank, cites dispute with China

(Updated 4:47 p.m.) The Department of Energy (DOE) has suspended all drilling and exploration works in the West Philippine Sea, particularly in the area covered by Service Contract (SC) 72 in the Reed Bank, citing a force majeure as the site is the subject a territorial dispute between the Philippines and China. Philex Petroleum Corp., […]

How China is transforming the South China Sea

New images reveal the extent of China’s land reclamation and construction in the South China Sea. Experts warn the new developments will make it increasingly difficult to counter Beijing’s regional claims. On February 4, the Philippines filed a diplomatic protest to the Chinese Embassy in Manila, urging Beijing to stop the land reclamation at the […]